A 2020 Blizzard – of New Music!

There’s not much for a musician to do these days except write and record new music and I’ve been hard at work this year. A few songs have trickled out so far but these closing weeks of 2020 are going to see a flurry of releases, starting today!

Days Crawl By is the debut single of The Looneys, a new remote collaborative songwriting and recording project born out of April quarantine comprised of myself, Mark Larson, James Gould, Ben Miller, and Jay Scabich and features a guest appearance by Jillian Rae.

Each randomly selected member of the band takes a turn composing and recording a part of the song until a finished version is agreed upon. I wrote the lyrics about the isolation of being in quarantine. Click the button below for links to Days Crawl By on major digital music sources.


On the following two Mondays, I will be releasing my first two solo electric songs featuring the help of my friends, Mark Larson, Berek Awend, Amanda Awend, and David Stone. Both songs are original songs I wrote, inspired by events of 2020.


Two weeks ago Ted Hajnasiewicz and I released a new song we co-wrote, And We Row, featuring a collection of friends and fellow musicians on gang vocals. Ted and I began working together when we collaborated on a song for the Quarantine Dream: A Benefit for Jessa Roquet project in April.


I’ll be releasing a fun little Christmas song some time the following days that I wrote, featuring my niece and nephew on vocals and my sisters and mom making guest appearances.

Inspired by the original Quarantine Dream album I worked on, I started a similar project for my sister Jamie when she received a cancer diagnosis in April. Musician friends, family members, and fans are recording versions of songs she wrote and I hope to release the album late this winter or early spring but there are a few tracks released already as a preview here.

I’ve started working on a roots country / bluegrass album featuring a large collection of musician friends and plan on releasing the first song in January. And I continue to work on writing and recording new songs with Dan Tanz, along with working on new The Fattenin’ Frogs and Heatwave & Landman albums.

The end appears in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic and hope you all are hanging in there! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all and hope to see you all when this is all over with and live music returns!

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